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Litigation & Disputes

Our experience and commitment to clients

At Coleman Greig, we adopt a flexible approach to dispute resolution and litigation. Located in the heart of one of Australia's largest and most dynamic economic regions, we have consistently achieved great results for our clients in negotiation, mediation and resolution of commercial disputes, and we are committed to resolving disputes in a way that best suits your business needs and the specific matter.

With Coleman Greig, you will have access to experienced lawyers  - including Accredited Specialists in Commercial Law - delivering timely, practical and appropriate advice. When a dispute arises, we work with you to identify a preferred outcome and the best strategy for achieving that particular outcome.

Our skilled team of negotiators can assist you in achieving a non-litigated solution. We also seek to minimise costs for you and your business by employing alternative dispute resolution techniques and by clearly defining the issues in dispute between parties. In addition, our offices can readily accommodate mediation or settlement conferences (up to five separate parties plus the mediator).

When there is no alternative to Court, you can be confident that our team of expert litigators is tenacious, dedicated and determined_and a team that you will be pleased to have working for you!

Our litigation team has significant experience, and has achieved excellent results, in all jurisdictions. We will represent your business with the utmost professionalism and integrity. We have a diverse range of experience within the team, and can quickly understand the key issues at stake, then develop sound legal strategies to ensure a successful outcome.

Most importantly we understand the commercial impact litigation and dispute resolution can have on a business and will always try to minimise that impact, endeavouring to resolve matters as quickly and effectively as possible, and in your best interests.

Proven expertise

  • Providing commercial advice in plain language on the practical options, and developing a negotiating strategy
  • Assessing ways to resolve disputes outside Court
  • Preparing your case with a view to resolving it before litigation commences, or out of Court if litigation has already started
  • Working with you and other parties to set up mediation or other alternatives to litigation
  • Representing you in Alternative Dispute Resolution including mediation and arbitration, or in seeking an informal settlement
  • Representing you in contractual, property, retail and commercial, Australian Consumer Law, information and technology, construction, confidentiality, corporations law and shareholder disputes
  • Enforcing intellectual property and defending infringements
  • Defending breaches of manufacturing and supply agreements
  • Enforcing commercial agreements
  • Consumer Guarantees
  • Misleading and Deceptive Conduct
  • Initiating court action for bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings
  • Licensing and franchising disputes

To achieve the best outcome for your business in matters requiring dispute resolution and/or litigation, please contact our expert team or to make an appointment at one of our offices, please select from the below.

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Litigation & Disputes