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Medical Devices

Australia's medical device industry is both well established and internationally recognised.  For local companies looking to develop a new technology, there are many hurdles and potential pitfalls to navigate.   A sophisticated IP strategy from the early stages of development is imperative, as is the support of an experienced team of lawyers who understand the host of issues that can arise.

After facing significant competition for the initial funding, there are many issues involved with bringing a device to market, including regulatory approval, patents, manufacturing and distribution.  Once the product is on the market, companies are faced with significant compliance, risk management, and potential liability issues.

At Coleman Greig, we have been guiding Australian businesses through the complexities of medical device law for many years.  Our experienced team of lawyers has a thorough understanding of the operating environment for manufacturers and distributors of medical devices and can partner with you to provide an holistic approach to your needs, from beginning to end of the product life cycle.

We can help you with:

  • IP Protection
  • Advice on liability and insurance
  • Supply and distribution agreements
  • Advice on corporate structure
  • General terms of sale and purchase
  • Acquisitions and Disposals
  • Licence agreements
  • Advice on product warranties and guarantees

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