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The manufacturing industry in Australia has faced significant challenges over the years and much has been written about the need for businesses to grow and remain competitive in an increasingly globalised marketplace.

With this emphasis on business growth and competition, comes an even greater focus on safety, compliance and IP protection. Manufacturers require experienced lawyers who understand the industry, their own unique operating environment and the complexities of making a product and getting it to the market.

At Coleman Greig, our experienced commercial law team has been working closely with the manufacturing industry for many years. We understand the issues and challenges facing individual businesses, from the seemingly ever-changing government regulations concerning employment and workplace health and safety, through to the complexities of distribution agreements both locally and internationally, as well as IP issues.

We can help you with:

  • Toll manufacturing agreements
  • Review of supply agreements
  • General terms of supply
  • Advice on IP protection
  • Acquisition and Disposal
  • Employment and Immigration
  • Advice on liability and insurance
  • Advice on product warranties and guarantees
  • Environmental compliance
  • Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)

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