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Solar and Wind Farms

Solar Energy Lawyers 

Having been involved since the earliest days of renewable energy in Australia, our solar energy lawyers understand the commercial and practical issues, as well as the legal and contractual ones that clients are faced with. Our team of expert solar energy lawyers have used their extensive experience to advise numerous landowners in over 30 wind and solar farms in respect of the lengthy and complex legal documents often used.

Renewable energy regulations can often raise complex issues for landowners that will impact on not only them, but also their future generations and the long-term value of their land for many decades.

Our solar energy lawyers can assist landowners to:

  • Understand the solar energy law, solar rights act and the solar energy act
  • Protect their land and reduce risks associated with construction, operation and eventually decommissioning of the farm
  • Increase the rent and other payments
  • Resolve any ongoing disputes
  • Continue with their rural and other land operations, with minimal impact
  • Understand both the short-term and long - term consequences that entering into such agreements both now and into the many decades these agreements can run for; and
  • Navigate the complexities of the negotiation phase and help them understand their contractual obligations

Our solar energy lawyers are recognised as experienced, trusted legal advisors to clients working in the renewable energy sector. They provide commercially savvy advice on all types of renewable energy regulations and matters including, wind, solar, hydro, waste to energy, biofuels, biomass to name a few.

Our team of solar energy lawyers combine a detailed legal knowledge of the sector with commercial experience of the industry and its ongoing evolution.

With comprehensive knowledge of numerous agreements over many years, our expert wind, solar and renewable energy lawyers can provide peace of mind by providing crucial advice to landowners, educating them and advising about risks as well as negotiating the best outcome for them. 

With an increasing demand for a diverse energy mix, Australia is fast becoming a major player in the renewable energy market.  With practical experience in this area, advising landowners since the commencement of the wind farms and solar farms industry in Australia, our expert lawyers have a deep understanding of the rapidly changing and growing Australian renewable energy industry.

Our team advise landowners to make informed decisions about their land when approached with proposals from the renewable energy industry. Our highly experienced solar energy lawyers also assist many farmers with their rural succession and estate planning. Coleman Greig is able to share our renewable energy knowledge and expertise with clients to help them make better informed decisions in this area.

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