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Tax Disputes

Tax Dispute Lawyer and Tax Litigation Lawyer Sydney

Tax disputes arise when the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or a State Revenue Authority believes something doesn’t look right to them. The best time to deal with such an issue is now. Whether it is in the pre-audit or audit stage, capturing the issue before an assessment is raised is the best objective and one a tax dispute lawyer can quickly identify. If the assessment has been raised, management is needed for not only the essential tax claim but also for the debt recovery processes that will commence.

Australia's Revenue Authorities and especially the Australian Taxation Office, use sophisticated techniques to not only discover what they will consider to be tax-wrongdoings, but they employ an array of information gathering techniques that require careful management. If you find yourself in this situation a tax litigation lawyer can help you.

No matter the nature or size of the tax dispute, care is needed. It is also important to understand that whilst the ATO can be sympathetic, they are required to apply the law to the circumstances as they see these. This is why it takes an experienced tax dispute lawyer with up-to-date knowledge of laws, practices and rulings to manage a tax dispute or tax debt recovery. Taxation lawyers Sydney are led by Peter Bobbin, one of Australia’s most renowned taxation specialists, and the taxation lawyers Sydney team at Coleman Greig has the experience, knowledge and expertise required to work with you, your business and your financial advisors to help devise the most appropriate tax dispute strategy.

Taxation lawyers Sydney aim is to provide pragmatic, commercially focussed solutions by understanding and matching the best strategies to the objectives and challenges. This is especially so when seeking advanced tax rulings, undertaking a tax due diligence or negotiating a tax investigation. Our Sydney Tax Lawyers work across Australia and internationally through often complex and sensitive cases in some of the most challenging and demanding circumstances.

A tax dispute lawyer has experience across a wide range of issues. Taxation lawyers Sydney have managed section 353 demand notices as well as Tribunal and Court challenges. 

With a demonstrated track record of success in both negotiating outcomes and litigating complex cases, Peter Bobbin and the Coleman Greig’s tax dispute lawyers have acted for clients on a wide variety of tax disputes, ATO investigations, responses to warrant executions and Tribunal and Court hearings covering a range of state and federal taxes. 

We can help you with tax disputes concerning:

  • Income tax
  • Goods and services tax
  • Superannuation
  • Payroll tax
  • Land tax
  • Stamp/transfer duties
  • Tax debt recovery
  • Capital gains tax
  • Transfer pricing

To achieve the best outcome in relation to tax disputes, please contact our Taxation Lawyers Sydney expert team or to make an appointment at one of our offices, please select from the below.

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